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We view ourselves as Quality Conscious and Customer Oriented.

Since 1999, we have been developing and manufacturing products for a whole range of customers from a wide variety of sectors, such as the automotive, leisure, furniture fittings, magnet technology, aerospace, electrical engineering and electronics industries.

Besides the production of standard parts and assemblies, we also manufacture special designs with very specific requirements in small quantities. We give you "value-added" through our flexibility and our personal commitment!


8000 t

raw materials
per year


part variants

65 Mio.

individual parts
produced annually

We grow with the challenges of our customers!

In recent years our company has also undergone development and transformation. This development is particularly evident when looking at the latest technical fabrication options, the expanded range of products and the development of the services offered.

Since 1999

Foundation of Mastro Präzisionstechnik GmbH

Within 3 years we have already implemented our "first major extension" to the production facilities and our internal toolmaking. The machinery park (CNC machines, presses, cleaning equipment, and measuring equipment, etc.) starts to be replaced on a continuous basis.

WWe gain approval to ISO 9001 and ISO TS16949 for the first time.


Entry into robot manufacturing (welding robots)

Acquisition of a Bihler production facility with concentrated build-up of expertise in the Bihler technology.

Complete overhaul of the existing site and commissioning of the newly built production and warehouse facilities. 4.500m² of production space is now available.


EEntry into complete solutions; a new mainstay of the business. Commissioning of the first automated plant for production of assemblies.

Some 8.000 tonnes of raw materials are processed each year with approximately 170 employees.
Our products are supplied across Europe, and now also to customers in Asia and North America.

Mastro Hirtenberg GmbH from Lower Austria has been part of the MASTRO Group since July 1, 2023, making it Austria's largest stamping plant.


Quality is what we "produce"!

Throughout the company, we practice an integrated quality management system according to IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. Through the use of advanced measurement technologies (3D measuring machines, etc.), we meet the highest quality requirements.

The quality of our products and processes is permanently monitored through numerous in-line tests and our working processes are constantly being improved. Our core competence still remains in stamping technology, but in collaboration with our partners we offer the full range of fabrication process (plating, extrusion coating, etc.).

MASTRO is your direct point of contact along the entire process chain.

is not just a catch phrase for us!

As a medium-sized enterprise, environmental and social as well as economic aspects play an important role in our daily activities. We rely on consistent, energy efficient production methods and technologies, that are environmentally friendly and save resources, and it is our intent to make the flow of materials and production process even more efficient, to promote energy recovery (reusing waste heat), and to manufacture even cleaner and cheaper. Whether customers, business partners or employees – everyone is included in the improvement processes. To avoid packaging waste, to a large extent, we already use reusable containers, which are marked with bar codes. This gives us complete traceability in respect of contents, and storage space, etc. – everything is documented!

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